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April 26, 2012 / prismcgirr

Thrills and Frills

April seems to have been a frilly month for me.  And an exciting one too.  I survived the challenging experience of taking a stand at the Towcester Flame Off, admittedly with my fudge as well as my beads, …the fudge is always popular with beadmakers, but it was nerve wracking to display my wares at such a gathering of my peers!  I was placed next to Anouk Jasperse who turned out to be also quite apprehensive….she need not have woried, her beads are awesome!

Up till then I had been not listing much on my Etsy shop this month as I wanted to have a good stock of my best beads, and the theme throughout April has been frills or wings of various sorts.

Frilly Fritillary

This one is staying with me!

This one was bought by the landlady of the lovely B and B I stayed in at Towcester.

and this one is a bit silly!  Called ‘flatfish’, as it reminds me of a plaice.

Then the frills sort of developed into something more like wings!

Red Flower, Blue Angel

And then I had a break from silver glass,  and this is what developed:

There has definitely been some sort of evolutionary process going on here….no idea where it will end up, or if, like the dinosaurs, it will end here!

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