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May 28, 2012 / prismcgirr

Treading Water

May has been a strange month…not much inspiration,  not much happening in my Etsy shop, and very unseasonal weather….until just now when the sun is suddenly behaving like it was June already!

I have been looking at new techniques….struggling with Kerri Fuhr’s excellent Dragonfly tutorial,

and going back to old styles that have been popular in the past.

Here are some of my dragonfly efforts, getting there, but I need to find a way of making them my own instead of just a copy

But with the sunshine came new inspiration.  I had some fine silver micro mesh that I was saving for a rainy day(!), and decided to have a go with it, using some of my favourite Clio, and what has become my must have clear glass, Double Helix Zephyr, I made this bead, which looks like a light bulb…..the aim was to give it a lot of depth and shine with all the detail in the middle, and the clear magnifying it all.  I left the chill marks, because they give a lovely shimmer to the clear glass. You could almost see the light bulb popping up in my head, like in a cartoon!

Luckily my workshop is quite cool and so while the rest of the country was sweltering in the heat, I went back to my torch and created some more of what I now call my ‘Illuminations’ series.

Next month I shall be going to Studio 19 for a day’s tuition with Astrid Reidel learning how to make 3-D flower murrini, and I think that will be just the right focal interest to add to these beads, so I’m looking forward to that.  In the meantime I’ve run out of silver mesh……seems a good excuse to buy more glass as well.   Shouldn’t really, I’ve got heaps, but then I may run a bit low on Zephyr soon……

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