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September 15, 2012 / prismcgirr

September Song

The months seem to be going by very quickly and a lot seems to be happening!

My article in the August edition of Soda Lime Times was well received, and I managed to get my tutorial on silver glass for beginners into my Etsy shop in time to coincide with the magazine’s release.

That has led to quite a few sales which makes up for the lack of bead sales generally this summer.  But I can’t stop making beads whether they sell or not,  so the ones that don’t find a new home stay here with me.

I did make some dragonflies, but problems with the compatibility of the dichroic strips has meant I couldn’t put them in my shop.  Here are some of them:


This is a project I’ve had to put on hold for the time being as these thin pieces of dichroic are so good for this design.

Now it’s September and I’ve gone back to my old love Clio for inspiration:

A Clutch of Clio Lentils

Daisies on Red Velvet

This one has already gone to a very good home!

And this is the Chess King and Queen:

The photo was taken in my little photo booth, and really brings out the colours, although they are different in daylight.

I didn’t want to split them up as they look so handsome together but unless I was going to make the rest of the set there was no other way.

The weather has changed this week and cold nights are here ….although we are still having some sunny days the feel of Autumn is definitely in the air.  Somebody mentioned Halloween…..and these came out of my kiln:

Witches Hat

The Magic Apple

I’m off to harvest the tomatoes and put the Hydrangeas in a pot of glycerine and water to preserve them.

Happy Halloween everyone!   Oh all right, I know it’s not really till October, it’s  the mood I’m in,  …just humour me!


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  1. sally ann joyce / Sep 16 2012 6:51 am

    Great blog Pris hope you are keeping well Alan Colette myself and alot of others went to Angie Snellings yesterday what a great set up she has, so many shed with different things in Alan was in heaven 🙂 hope to see you soon Sally xx

    • prismcgirr / Sep 16 2012 8:05 am

      Thank you Sally…yes it looks like all you had fun!

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