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September 30, 2012 / prismcgirr

A Bunch of Flowers

It seems to me that although I often go off piste experimenting with different shapes,

techniques and ideas, there ‘s a common theme to most of my beads,

To start with they are usually lentil shaped, and often as not they have a silver glass component, and when I decorate them I’m using thin stringer and murrini.

I realised the other day that I’ve been making the same bead over and over in various incarnations, and it’s the ‘Bunch of flowers’ bead.  Looking back through my Flickr catalogue I see the same bead cropping up again and again, the early ones somewhat badly executed,

By this time then, with all that practice I should be an expert!

Here are some of my most recent ones, however I don’t pretend that there isn’t plenty of room for improvement.   This one is called ‘Daisies’












Meadow Flowers

































Vampire Flower Murrini












And even these two with their underwater theme…just bunches of flowers surely?

Blue Wave











Aqua Wave











…………..and what’s this, called Sunset, lying on it’s side, with my Black Lace murrini?


Obviously it’s a bunch of flowers!

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