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September 7, 2013 / prismcgirr

Sorry, I blame Facebook

???????????????????????????????I seem to have ignored my blog for a very long time, and I blame Facebook!

It’s so easy to keep up with news and post pictures of my work on there that I tend to not keep up with my blog at the same time, especially as since January I’ve been very involved in organising Alford Craft Market’s big events, and that has taken a lot of my time and energy.

If you want to have a look, check out Alford Craft Market on FB, also my Dancing with glass page.  Social media take up so much of my time now it’s a wonder I have any time for making beads at all!

As you can see i’ve been playing with my last consignment of dichroic glass from the U S, mainly fishes and butterflies.  I was thrilled to have three of my beads on the front page of the last issue of Soda Lime Times which was all about sparkle!

???????????????????????????????This is the one that caught the eye of Diane Woodhall, the editor.  It’s called Magenta Dazzle.

I was so sorry to have to miss Flame Off at Silverstone this year.  My back which has always given me trouble decided to go on strike at the beginning of March, and although I was booked to sell my beads and my fudge I had to cancel at the last minute as it hadn’t improved enough to drive. Probably a good thing…apparently it was very cold in the building to start with which would not have helped, but I was sorry to lose my lesson with Michou Pascale Anderson.

We had a great Spring Bank Holiday Craft Market over the three days of the Bank holiday at the end of May.  I got to choose the theme of this year’s Working Weekend, which always features demonstrations and workshops by the craftspeople, and I chose glass (of course).

We were lucky enough to book Shirley Giles and Colette Ladley of Fyrebirds to do a workshop over all three days, which was very popular, also had workshops in stained glass and glass painting. I booked a well known glass blower called Anthony Wassell who brought his portable furnace and made beautiful goblets and vessels all weekend, finally letting me have a go!  My effort was rather puny, but inspired me to have a go at blowing glass on a small scale, so my profits over the weekend were spent on a new Midrange with Minor top torch and I had an early birthday present of a big two door Paragon kiln.


These are a few of my first attempts:  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A work in progress as it needs a lot of glass to fill the kiln, and I’ve been tending to use the old one for a few lentils at a time to stock my Etsy shop, while I’ve been busy organising the August Bank Holiday Craft Market.

We do have a seven woman committee, but the others all have a day job, so it falls to me to do a lot of the work, and I’m enjoying my new responsibilities.  Very worthwhile.

I’ve been asked to do a tutorial on a silver glass lentil for the November issue of S.L.T. and am just starting to work on that, …never a dull moment in Dancing with glass-land!

I must and will be keeping this blog up to date from now on….leaving you with one of my new beads, ‘Tattered Gold’, made with the new Double Helix glass: PK-565.???????????????????????????????

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