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About me

I started to be interested in glass bead making in the Autumn of 2009, and went along to a course with Beverly Hicklin at the London School of Jewellery in October that year.

There were just two of us on the course; the other girl wanted to make some big hole beads for her bracelet, and I wanted to find out if lampworking was going to be as addictive as I feared it might, and  I quickly realised how much trouble I was in. Beverley was a great teacher, and I produced a few wonky beads and one or two presentable ones, and went home with the determination to start a career in beadmaking, whatever sacrifices it meant.

I am a confectioner in my present incarnation, having been a self employed craftsman most of my life, mainly as a potter, then a florist, a music teacher, and a  china painter among other things. In order to fund my new obsession I sold all my chocolate making equipment to the local sweetshop owner, and bought my kit for melting glass ….I did however have the sense to wait until after Christmas when I would be extremely busy making fudge for my various fairs, because I knew that once I started torching I would not be able to leave it alone.

And so it was that in the first week of January 2010 I lit my own Norton Minor torch for the first time with great trepidation and made my own wobbly beads and placed them in my own brand new blue digital kiln!  The real beginning of my adventures with glass.

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